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Home for sale in Lexington Place in Franklin Kentucky

Lexington Place

Congratulations on your beautiful new home! Here are some details and things to know about your new home. Download your neighborhood restrictions.

Ready to become a Lexington Place Home Owner? See all of our homes available in the neighborhood. 



Mailbox Key

You must go to Franklin USPS located on Main Street. Take proof of ownership. Mailbox is at the entrance of the neighborhood. 

Pest Control

Rushing Builders uses Commonwealth for our pest control. You can continue with them, or choose a different pest control company for annual retreats. 

Water, Sewer, Sanitation

City of Franklin

(270) 586-4497

Fiber Internet

Electric Plant Board (EPB)

(270) 586- 4441

Builder Warranty

Rushing Builders has a 1 year builder warranty. Contact Eric for any warranty claims. Call or text during normal business hours. 

(270) 776- 7096 

Things to know

Home for sale in Lexington Place in Franklin Kentucky
  • Garage door code is 2023 or 2024, depending on when the door was installed. Instructions to change the code are in the cover. 
  • All doors have the same key. 
  • Be sure to unhook garden hoses in the winter!
  • Arc Fault Breakers are required but can be super sensitive. If you have a breaker that continues to trip and you can't find the reason (old lamp, paper shredder, etc), let Eric know. 
  • Window screens are in the attic. We suggest waiting until the neighborhood construction is complete before installing them. 
  • We registered your HVAC extended warranty for you. Watch your email for the manufacturer certificate. 
  • Drip your faucets when outside temps get to below freezing. 
  • Make sure your meter base in the yard has the cover on right to prevent freezing. 
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