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Presold Homes

Rushing Builders specializes in presold homes. This is what we consider a semi custom home. When building a semi custom presold home, you get to make all of the choices! Homebuyers can pick the lot and floor plan that meets their families unique needs. You then work with our team to make all of your selections including flooring, cabinetry, tile, paint, and more! 

It is important to us to be fully transparent about our presold process in order to provide the best client experience possible. All of our selections are made through our online software BuilderTrend. You can make your selections online, or you can meet with us during normal business hours. We will communicate with you during each step of the process and let you know what is coming next!

Your New Home's Timeline

Our current build time is 5 months from breaking ground to having the home complete. 

Before the Contract

Writing The Contract

Breaking Ground

Under Roof

Final Selections

Wrapping it Up

Closing Day

Before we sign a contract, you will need to be pre-approved for your mortgage. We have lenders who we recommend, or you can use the lender of your choice. Once you are preapproved, the process will begin!

It is time to make some big decisions! In order to write up the contract, you will need to decide which lot and floor plan best fits your needs. Keep in mind not every lot will work for every floor plan. We will guide you on which floor plans will fit into your budget. 

This is also when we determine if any upgrades will be included in your build based on your contract price. 

Now it is starting to feel real! Once we have the building permit active we will get started. At this point, your first round of selections will be made available to you. You will start by selecting your roof, windows and doors, brick and vinyl, and garage doors. 

In just a couple of weeks your home will be under roof! The next step is to rough in the plumbing and electrical. We will ask if you have any special wiring requests, such as an additional outlet in your garage. While that is happening, it is time for you to make more decisions. Flooring, cabinets, countertops, tile, and paint are your next selections.

Once paint is on the wall, it is time to finish things up! Plumbing and electrical fixtures, mirrors, and your front door paint color are the last things that you will pick. This is what gives each house its personality and can be so fun to select!

Our team does an extensive quality check and punch list. This is one of the most important steps in your build and one we take very seriously. 

You made it! Once the papers are signed and the keys are handed over the home is officially yours. Congratulations!

Can I bring my own Realtor?

Yes! We have Realtors who we can recommend, or you are welcome to bring your own. If you bring your own, our sales coordinator will work with them to make sure they have everything they need. 

Do you include a Builder Warranty?

Yes, we have a one year warranty that is aligned with the Builders Association. Eric handles all of our warranty claims. You will receive his contact information at closing.  

Who buys the lot and sets up the construction loan?

We do. This process is considered "semi custom", so nothing will be in your name until we close on the house. We handle all of the expenses, outside of any added upgrades, until you sign your mortgage documents.  

Can I supply my own fixtures?

No. Due to our warranty we do not allow clients to supply their own fixtures or do any of the work themselves, such as painting. We use reputable vendors and subcontractors who work hard to guarantee their products. 

Download the full Presold Contract for review here. 

Ready to build your new home?

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